Stealth Fiction is accepting collections of short stories between 20,000-50.000 words and novellas 30,000-55,000 words. All works must be in English. Works most likely to be accepted: horror, dark science fiction, dark fantasy, dark comedy.


All works submitted must be your original creation and free of all legal constraints. You must own all copyright and publishing rights to your book at the time you submit your work.

You cannot have a contract with another publisher on submitted work. If the work has been previously published, we will only accept it if the rights have reverted to you. Unless otherwise agreed, Stealth Fiction Publishing retains the first option rights to publish a print copy for sale.

Royalties are negotiated upon acceptance.

There is no charge to authors.


Include a 1-2 paragraph synopsis; Author bio, Title; Genre; Word count;  Name; Address; Phone; and statement of ownership (Sample below)

“I (your name) declare that the submitted work (title of your book) is my original work and that I have complete ownership and authority to submit this work to Strange Days Publishing. No part of this work has been copied, stolen, or otherwise appropriated without explicit reference within the book.”

Submit your manuscripts in.doc or .docx

We accept simultaneous submissions. If the work is accepted for representation or publication elsewhere, please notify us immediately.

Stealth Fiction will send an email confirming that we received your submission. We will do our best to respond within 8 weeks.

All books accepted for publishing by Stealth Fiction Publishing may be subject to editing. We may request you obtain the services of an editor prior to publication. If you are not open to suggestions and/or recommendations, do not submit.


We accept only one submission per author at the time. If your submission is not chosen, we will let you know that your work is no longer under consideration at Strange Days Publishing.

If your manuscript is accepted, We will enter contract negotiations to initiate editing, layout and cover design, and finally to initiate book printing and distribution within nine months.

We will work closely with authors to develop a book design that exceed all industry standards.

Royalties begin after the sale of  the first 200 copies of the book in order to ensure we meet minimum-revenue so we can continue operations.

You will be entitled to a free copy of the book and a purchase at cost discount of additional copies.

Stealth Fiction Publishing retains the first electronic rights for three years after the day of printing.

Authors payment at the end of every quarter.


You may submit your work at any time.

NOTE: If you don’t understand the above information or have any questions please feel free to contact us:  Publishing@StealthFiction
Stealth Fiction